The Land Registry Agency provides title registers (title deeds), title plans (boundary maps) and Flood Risk Reports for more than 23 million registered properties in England and Wales and about 2.5 million registered properties in Scotland. Anyone can legally and anonymously access the documents for any property.

To find out who owns a specific property, you need a copy of the property's title register. To find the boundary of a property or to settle a boundary dispute, you need a copy of the property's title plan.

Only the below documents can be accessed online. Requests for other documents, transfers, applications and requests must be submitted using paper forms. For advice and guidance, contact us.
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The title register is basically the property deeds, it includes ownership details and, for most properties which have changed hands since April 2000, the property price information. We are unable to provide details of any properties that are not registered.
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The title plan shows the land owned. Title plans are prepared on the latest Ordnance Survey map available at the time of registration.


The Flood Risk Indicator result is designed to increase awareness of the likelihood of flooding for any registered piece of land in England and Wales to encourage people living and working in areas prone to flooding to find out more and take appropriate action.
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